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There has never been a better time to stand out as a Change Management expert. And Change Management Training and Certification is key to that.


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What's in the Guide?

A comprehensive guide to help you assess the real value in Change Management Training and Certification including:

8 key benefits of becoming Change Certified

Including access to proven methodology, tools and approach. Plus the importance and impact of an external and independent validation on your skills and knowledge.

How we see new skills being applied in practice

How newly certified Project & Program Managers, People & OD experts and Independent Change Consultants put them to work

Your 8 point checklist for selecting Training & Certification

Including the ability to work on a "live" change project, access to digital tools, ability to leverage facilitator expertise and importance of testimonials.


Who would benefit from this Guide?

Anyone who is interested in considering developing their Change Management skills and capability to meet the unprecedented level of change that individuals and organizations are facing right now. 

And who wants a comprehensive Guide to selecting the Training and Certification program that is right for them. 

Including more detail on:

  • The true value of Change Management Training and Certification
  • How it can add practical, immediate value in your day-to-day role
  • Becoming a change leader in your organization and field
  • What specifically to look for as you research your options