Quick facts

  • Executive Bootcamp – Leading Change in Disruptive Times
  • Groups of 10-12 senior level attendees, with expert facilitation, action learning and coaching for immediate benefit
  • 1 day program quickly moving through a globally recognized framework and change tools specifically for leaders
  • Virtual delivery, typically for in-house teams

Building a “change-ready” organization brings real competitive advantage. And during times of chaos and disruption – like right now - this is not just a ‘nice-to-have’, but a business essential.

This dynamic, immersive Bootcamp will enable and energize Change Leaders towards a more agile, adaptive approach to driving change in their organization.


Who would benefit from the Bootcamp?

This program is best suited for Change Leaders, especially:

  • Executive teams, Heads of Business
  • Transformation Steering Group
  • Change Management practice leaders
  • People & OD leaders

Learning objectives

During this 1-day, intensive action-learning program leaders:

  • assess current organizational change maturity levels versus the change load
  • understand how change load can be monitored, and demand prioritized to release capacity for business-critical changes
  • learn how to boost individual resilience, as a cornerstone for building organizational change capability
  • learn from real data about past change execution and critical success factors to manage change through disruption
  • understand individual change leadership styles and how effective change leadership networks are created


What do you get?

  • Role-relevant change resources for senior leaders
  • Detailed workbook with agile change management framework
  • Individual Resilience profile and development plan
  • Change leader/sponsor checklist
  • Data analytics – including Change Legacy risk profile


Proven Change Management Framework PCI® (People-centered implementation)

Change Management data analytics for driving change success

Resilience / Personal Adaptability profile with development tactics




Example Bootcamp agenda

Speak to us about tailoring this Bootcamp to your specific organizational needs.


Part 1

Organizational Context and current Change Management Maturity assessment


Change load assessment and prioritization process


Resilience / Personal Adapatability 

•  Individual Resilience characateristics

•  Profiling and development planning

Part 2

Agile Change Management

•  A People-centered transformation approach

•  Quantifying and tracking people risks

•  Taking data-driven decisions for the future


Effective Change Leadership

•  Key roles in change and common mistakes

•  Building an effective change leader network

•  Capabilities for success


Just some of the organizations benefiting from this capability globally:

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“By applying proven methods and tools it means we aren’t re-inventing the wheel – and our change management can keep pace with a very dynamic change environment.”

Head of People and Org Effectiveness




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